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Secret of getting Organic Impression & Sales

Today I’ll share with you my personal experience and Fiverr already mentions that earlier. in this post
Adding a Video to Your Gig

If you add a video to your gig then, buyers will trust and know you more. And It’s proven people engage with video more than anything else

Look at the message (Attachment) from my client.

So now you believe a video can change your entire experience.

Thanks for understanding.



A video can indeed help a gig if done properly (highlight the seller’s strengths, display character and individuality, showcase actual examples of the quality of work produced, etc.) but a poor video is worse than having no video at all.

Video with typos, terrible quality audio/video, painful to look at visuals, or irrelevant/nonsensical content will scare away more buyers than a well done still image.


Hello, @enunciator Thank you so much for contributing in my topic. Your comment is explaining everything like crystal.

You are right that

“Poor video is worse than having no video”

Many Thanks

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