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Secret of Selecting the Title of Your Gig


we are seeing a trend from the sellers to Go for some Flashy, Imaginative headlines for their Gigs. When I began my Journey I was also inclined to use such titles. I gave it a thought and selected my Gig based on the area of my expertise and I went for a Simple title.

As You see the Title is short and simple. Design your Landing page. Here I offered something people would pay 25-50 dollars elsewhere at 5 dollars. Once people began to buy, the positive feedback began to flow in and My gig began to explode. With over 700 Dollars earned in 2 months I owe my Success to my Simple header.

There are more than a dozen copy of my Gig now and all of them Failed to excel because they used the same mistake that is Flashy Headlines.


I must admit, when landing on your gig, the short title makes it neater and without hype looking. Good idea and thanks for the tip. :-h


Thanks Magellon… That was the Idea behind the Gig.

The So called experts are advocating attractive, catchy headlines which often misleads the buyer.