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Secret to buyer's heart

I’m a level one seller on fiverr and I haven’t gotten my first order, though I have a good number of impressions and few clicks but still no order.
After a few research and thinking over this issue, I believe there could be a secret to getting buyers to order your GIG, which isn’t known to me and I would be happy if I can get some suggestions from the top sellers and experienced sellers that’ll help me out. thanks.


be active and send lots of buyer request .


only 10 times in a day

What I mean is that, When I get a click and no order what can be the main cause for a buyer to view my gig and not order it.

Buyers have over 140,000 sellers to choose from in the logo category and 22,000 sellers who create flyers.

Why should a buyer pick your gig? What makes it stand out from all of the others?

Make your gigs eye-catching to have more success.

  • Unclear description.
  • Price is too high.
  • Competition.
  • Lack of reputation.
  • Language barrier.

Thanks a lot but would you mind checking out some of my gigs

Here the links


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Bro listen you to do attractive gig image then send buyer request properly also try to do gig marketing.