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Secret to getting approved to amazon affiliates program


Did Amazon Reject Your Affiliate Application?


Are you worried that you won’t get approved?

Amazon has gotten very strict in the way that they review affiliate websites. And in recent days they refuse 9 out of every 10 applications that they receive.

I have spent years building amazon affiliate sites and I have a great understanding of everything that amazón is looking for when they review your site.

With a purchase of this gig for $5, I will send you my guide with the exact steps and tips to follow to get your amazón affiliate website eligible and approved.

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Don’t stress it, I will get you approved and on your way to earning great affiliate commissions from Amazón.

With my gig extras:

  • I will set up your website with everything that you need to get accepted to the Amazón affiliate program. [Wordpress Platform]

    This involves working on the look and appearance of your site, articles, content, media items, etc.

  • I will make the first order from your affiliate link for you. You normally get approved to affiliate program within 48hrs of my purchase.

    Please message me if you have any questions.

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