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Secrets Never Told About Backlinks :)


Hi this is Aymen, I would like to share some things with everyone today.

I know there are a lot of gigs like “I will create 1500 quality backlinks to your site for $5”… But do you know that these Sellers Don’t Care about your website , They Just Want Your Money, they don’t promote your site ! yes in the begin you will see a lot of traffic ( visitors) until google makes a new update , and google will know that you are cheating and he will remove your website from the 10 first page in google ! so no more visitors .if you ever heard about the new Panda Update you will know that google doesn’t accept such things !

so the best Technique to have backlinks of your site is to submit 2 or 3 high quality backlinks everyday ! just 2 or 3 !

do that by yourself !

I can do gigs like others "submitting 1000 backlinks in one day " but i want to enlighten you ! is there anyone before me who said that ? if you don’t trust me ! search for it Panda Update or penguin update.

I will give a list of




for just 5$

and you should submit every day 1 or 2 no more ! and i swear that your website will ranked in the first page in just 4 months or less !


I give you secrets but Nobody Cares ! What’s Wrong With You People? :-/


Let me give you some friendly advice. you do not get customers by saying “whats wrong with you people”. First impressions count for a lot. If anyone wants to reply they will.

I am not going to comment on what you have said above but…telling people they will rank in four months is storing up trouble. you will get a pile of negative feedback from disgruntled buyers a few months down the line.


Thx but im sure ! because this technique make my website in the first page of google :slight_smile: