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Secrets of "Buyer Requests/See Available Projects" for new Seller


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Hi, I joined fiver last year but it takes 4 to 5 month to really understand how it works. But as I'm getting used to it, after 2 month I reached to level 2 seller. Till now I've earned $510 in 3 months because of "See Available Projects" page Yeah just because of this Amazing Page. As a new seller , even I don't do anything else but to wait and watch, If fiver SEO helps me and put my gig in new Section. But one day by mistake I clicked on This page, And in Just 2 days , I received my first order and I'm going to explain how i works.

Q: where do you find “Buyer Requests/SEE AVAILABLE PROJECTS” ?

A: It’s just located underneath SELLING > Just hover the mouse over it and you’ll see.

Q: what is “Buyer Requests/SEE AVAILABLE PROJECTS” ?

A: It’s a page where buyer post request for their work.
Which helps new seller to contact them as soon as you see a requests

Q: I don’t see any request . Why?

A: In order to see requests , you have to create a gig for each category in fiverr.(Make it professional with packages)
Ex. Create a gig about photoshop work and choose a category photoshop editing , PUBLISH IT.
Wait and watch till next day, you’ll see requests for photoshop work
NOTE: Create a gig in each category of fiver, to see all the sellers requests.

Q: What is the right time , to check requests?

A: Well, You need to find this according to your country time zone.
For the first few days, you need to check each and every minute,

Fiverr review the posts first and when they analyse the buyers request post, It’ll be available to all on the page.

According to me, The perfect time according to my country time zone is
Just when the clock hits 3, ten to fifteen requests immediately appeared.

Q: What should I send them , If I find the right Buyers Request.?

A: Create a text file 800 character max, about what you offer.Spend some quality time on your text.
Make sure the offer is to the point and fill with some extraordinary service,
Which buyer can’t think of anyone could ever provide him.

Buyers love free samples, Unlimited edition and low rates.

My USP is all three and much more .
I never faced any buyer who waste my time, Moreover they become repeat buyer, because of my services and recommend it to their friends.

  1. Create a Professional profile First.( Take your time and have a look on Sellers profile)

  2. Don’t waste your time on sending a request, Save your text file on desktop.
    (It’s like First-come, first-served )

  3. Download fiverr app and save text file on your mobile, So you won’t miss any request while travelling or something.

  4. Choose price, revisions and time , and If you opt for high prices , explain to them.
    (More Revisions and less time/money attracts buyer, because these are the things which Buyers see first.

  5. Ask yourself Why the buyer choose your offer among 20 others?

  6. Will your Gig’s Thumbnail Image makes a good expressions ?
    Why not recreate it?

  7. Check both of the the pages, Active and Sent offers.

  8. Scroll down and see all the reviews , Some requests already got more than 10 offers.
    You can take your chance as you only have 10 offers to send per day.

9.Try to post a request too, You’ll see how other’s sellers send offer’s
Don’t post unless you seriously want to buy a service

  1. Don’t waste your offer as they reset everyday, you’ll get 10 offers daily.
    Spend them Wisely.

P S - This is my first forum post, so Ignore my grammars mistake’s,
I’m Improving my English. :slight_smile:

Comment below if you have any questions, you can contact me too.




What is this hashtag “Read the full post”? Did you intend for that to do something? It looks like you have some kind of unattributed quote at the top followed by a sort of mix of answers and more questions. Who are you answering? In #9 you suggest that people post a request. How are they going to do that if they don’t need or want to buy a service? I’m a bit confused by this entire post.


Sorry, I think i need to edit the post.
Thankyou for the suggestions.


Ok, the grammar is not perfect but actually, this is a great post on how to use Buyer requests. If new sellers followed this advice they would have more success from Available Projects and it would also reduce the number of awful responses that buyers receive.


extraordinary post ever I seen.


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