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Secrets of Fiverr?


If you are new on Fiverr then these tips for you to boost your sales:

*** Activate your 7 gigs and add every gig with best practice and use the best keywords to impr0ve your search result**
*** Update your gig on regular basis, remember fiverr give importance to those who are active member it will be great if you are online for more than 16 hours.**
*** The best thing you can do is to use your 10 buyer request every day (this tips can bring you first order very quick).**
*** Visit on fiverr forum on regular basis and learn tips and techniques to improve your gig reach.**
*** The last and very important role is to provide the best quality and best customer support.**

That’s it and enjoy your sales :slight_smile:
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Thanks for you important suggestion. It really helps.


You’re alway welcome :slight_smile:


awesome…i will share same topic (about buyer request)…
but you fo first…thank you for sharing :+1:


Awesome suggestions.


Always Welcome :slight_smile:


Always Welcome and please do share your experience too :slight_smile:


I will share my story and experience with Fiverr soon.


I am exciting to see that :slight_smile:


Insha’Allah soon. :slight_smile: :blush:




I think in smart phone era it is not a difficult job to keep online for more than 16 hours. In-fact you can online for 24 hours all you need is to download and install Fiverr app on your smart phone :slight_smile: hope this will help.


The more you are online and using Fiverr the more Fiverr will rate your gigs and will take your gigs to the top.


I don’t believe on this. This is not good tip by the way.


I do the same. even when I go to sleep, I keep my phone on and also keep my data on so that my Account show Active badge.


I will appreciate if you have something new in mind please do share your selling techniques and experience to help us :slight_smile: I love to learn something new from this great Fiverr Community :slight_smile:


that’s perfectly same with your experience.
i do 10 buyer request every day.
most of my t shirt design/WPAP buyer from buyer request.
but i have sent many offer for logo. …no-one reply me… :grinning: grinning: