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Secrets of making a Successful Gig ! useful tricks .!


Many new sellers are out there struggling in getting orders … there are some tricks and secrets of making a perfect gig which are :
Can’t get orders ?? No Sales ?? No impressions , clicks , views on gig ??
Here Are some Secrets and tricks to make a Successful gig and to get orders !!!

  1. Know your skills :
    First if all Know Your Skills !! provide the service which you are really good at and you think that you can stand among the people who are earning good …! dont waste your time on the service which you are not good at !

2)Observe and Study Successful gig:
Second Step is to observe and study the gigs of successful people on fiverr … for that purpose just search the gigs of Top rated Sellers who are providing the same service which you are going to start … Study their gigs A-Z … observe everything in it and you will realize the quality of the work which is being demanded on fiverr .
Observe their gig pics,title,description ,extra services ,packages,tags and everything and try to figure out which thing is playing its role in the success of the gig … moreover study multiple gigs and try to figure which thing is common in them …! Continue your observation for some days before starting to make gigs

3)Observing The Algorithm of Fiverr :
If you search gigs of your niche in Recommended Section of gigs, you will observe that there are some gigs which have 0 reviews and orders but they get into the Recommended section and if that gig is good you will observe after some time there would be a bunch of orders on that gig … How this Happens ?
Answer is : When you make a new gig ,it goes into New Section … some gigs are handy picked by fiverr and put into the recommended section … on which basis they pick gigs and put them in recommended section ,only fiverr knows … but we are humans … we can always find a solution !!
Solution is : Go to recommended section and observe the gigs with 0 reviews there …! try to find what thing is unique in them… just observe them :slight_smile: and note things :slight_smile:
(Hint : Uniqueness and Quality) :wink:

  1. Making Gigs:
    Now when you have studied the successful gigs and recommended gigs with 0 reviews ,its time to make your own gig !
    Apply all those qualities which you have observed in study , in your gig …
    Most importantly give proper time to every gig :slight_smile: Describe your service in full details … work hard on your gigs !

  2. Making Maximum gigs :
    Dont rely on a single gig ! Make the maximum number of gigs you can make … New buyers can make 7 gigs so if you are new or even level 1 or 2 , try to make the maximum number of gigs you can make with all the qualities you observe in Successful and Recommended gigs !
    then there could be a chance of your gig in getting into Recommended section and the gig which goes into recommended section it gets many orders !!!


  1. Video Or No Video ? :

Its better to add video in new gig describing your service only to get your gig into recommended section … if your gig gets into recommended section then you may remove it !
NOTE: adding video only increase your gig chances of getting into Recommended section … !

  1. Deleting Old Gigs:
    when you have made gigs … keep observing your gigs time to time that where it is standing … if in 2 days after making a gig ,it does not goes to recommended section, just delete it because it would be buried somewhere in new section under thousands on new gigs :confused:
    and then repeat step # 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Never Stop Making Gigs :
Key to success --> work hard ! and Never stop making gigs !! End of story ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Never copy the material of any other seller ! NEVER EVER EVER !!! you may make a successful gig by making a gig through copied material but note one thing , Fiverr can remove your gig and even Delete your account Permanently if you will copy material !
Always Use Your own Material in Gigs !!! :slight_smile:

These were a few Secret Tips and tricks to make a successful gig and to get orders ! :slight_smile: hope they will be useful to you :slight_smile: Follow me for more tips and Tricks :slight_smile:

Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

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for those great advice.


No don’t delete a new gig in two days. Have some patience.


Thank you very much. I think following tips are also relevant:

  • Promote gigs using social medias like facebook and twitter. More clicks, more impressions
  • Keep watching Buyer requests to understand customers nature, what they actually need & improve knowledge related to your skills


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