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Secrets to please your client

Hello guys,

After a long time, I am writing again. I don’t know how many of you like my posts lol but I still feel pleasure to share my experiences.

Today I will share some points that will help new sellers to maintain regular clients and to achieve good rating from the client:

  1. Always show that you are very much dedicated to the job you are doing.
  2. Keep smiling, I mean you should always be cordial with your client.
  3. You have to be communicative, you should inform them about work progress so that they can trust you that you are working.
  4. You should ask them questions if you have confusion about anything, client loves clear minded personnel.
  5. When you are sharing your work, you should share your thoughts to explain what you felt about the work, i mean what you have tried to represent on the design.
  6. Do some research. you can talk to your client friendly so that you can read his/her as much as possible and you can also visit client profile to know more about them. that will make the deal easier.
  7. Clients always like prompt reply so you should be active.
  8. You should maintain to do lists, and you can divide your time easily so that no work be late, all clients are satisfied with you. Sometimes we become so unorganized and we focus on only one and think after completing one I will start another but its wrong you have to be very responsive to all your clients to build a nice relationship with every client.

I think these points are huge asset for all the new sellers. Keep rocking.

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Hi there @marzia16, Thank you for sharing your positive lines with us rookies. I see you doing an amazing job yourself and I definitely will keep your words into consideration. Keep up your positive energy. Thank you!!

Warmly, Humberto


I’m sharing my gig but no order!

Just awesome tips.thank you.

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sharing is not the only way of getting orders. you should use the buyer request power, you can send 10 request a day, so utilize it. And you should be active on fiverr from your computer as much long as possible.