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Secuirty issue related to Email


I am specious about security!

Today I sign out from my fiverr account about 3 hours ago. Now after 3 hours I again logged into my fiverr account and I saw my green button to black, even after 12-15 minutes still it remains black showing that I am offline. So I go to settings and there I saw my account setting was set to offline. So I changed my setting from offline to online and on pressing save button I saw a error on top stating that:

Your new provided email is invalid

But how provided new email address? I am specious that I never changed my email from the time I created my fiverr account!

Can you tell me?


I have had that happen too. I am sure it is a bug.


May be someone else logged in and tried to changed?




May I contact Customer Suppoort?


I bet if someone would break into your account, the last thing they will do is putting your profile offline (after stealing all your money, change your email address, your paypal account and send spam to all your clients so you get banned for life).
Relax, could be just bugs :beetle:


Don’t wait contact customer support and inform the issue.


Yeah may be bug. Button is now changed to online and everything is working fine! No email error again!


Thats great. Don’t save your login detail in your web browsers(auto save)


Try something:
Go to your profile and put your profile offline.
Click on "save changes"
And it will show the same message because the whole upper window (Full Name, Email and Online status) depends on that only button. So when clicking on “save changes” it triggers the email control as well, telling you that your email (of course) is in use.


Yeah! But I am not using auto save password option of browser already!


But who turned my button to offline. Question is this!


Probably another bug!


That may be a bug, and if it is a bug, better contact Customer Support. Many buyers use the filter “online sellers” to look for Gigs, that may put you in lower chances to get new orders.
Let us know what they tell you


Yeah I submitted the ticket, waiting for there answer! I will soon inform you!
One suggestion more, fiverr needs 2-step verification like Facebook and google. We sellers should also receive code on mobile that we should put in after submitting password to login!


I think so…
2 step verification is more secure system currently


CS response:
"Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear of your experience. I’ve taken a look at your account and it’s showing as online currently. Unfortunately, we’re not able to see the history of being ‘online’ or ‘offline’ as this is a setting that is activated on the user’s end.

Your email address is appearing fine as well since you are contacting us from it currently. I also don’t see any record of the email being changed previously. Please disregard the error message and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Kind regards"


So the answer was not a real answer…