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Security ans box doesn't take the full name of my school

I wanted to edit my security question, So I input my school name as “…high School” but the box doesn’t take the full name of my school, it takes up to “…High S” and when I submit it, Fiverr says the answer is wrong. But I know my answer well but unable to type the full answer in the answering box. How can I type the full name of my school? What can I do now? Too much worried about it.
Please help me.


Hello. Ask support, but be prepared to maybe wait for a reply for up to 10 days, or even longer, currently.


10 days!! :frowning:

Would you please tell me one more thing…
When I request for money withdrawal, will they ask for security qustion answer?
As i’m new I dont have any idea about that.

Unfortunately, since Covid and the amount of new users and thus an increased surge of support tickets that came along with it, response time does seem really slow. Let’s hope they’ll be able to hire and train more support agents to counter this.

I’m not sure about that; typically, you don’t get asked for the security question answer for withdrawing money, I think that’s for things like when you change your email or phone number, or payment info, or such, but I can’t recall if I got asked for it when I withdrew for the first time perhaps, as that was close to 4 years ago.

Maybe someone who is new as well and has withdrawn for the first time recently, will answer.


Thank you so much for your valuable time.
Have a good day :grinning: