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Security answer

hi , i forgot the security answer, when i finally discovered the answer. it still told me i was wrong.
please i need help on this asap.
customer care wouldnt help me out

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Only CS can help I’m afraid.

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this is what they said
Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are currently working on making your account safer by increasing the level of security and trust in your account through a phone verification process. Your security question is the backup procedure to verify your account in case you lose your phone, need to replace the phone number you verified or in case any other verification issues should arise with your account.

Seeing as this is very sensitive information, we will not be able to help you reset/recover the answer to your security question.

Please try to remember the question and answer, and let us know if further assistance is needed.

Well, you’re a bit stuffed then really. You need to know your security question and answer. Better that than CS giving out your info to anybody claiming to be you.


i sent my national id yet no help, i even asked for any verification they need

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I’m sorry - we can’t help you - only CS can.

You really need to jog your memory. :runner:


It always puzzles me why people think that when they have problems with CS other forum users could fix the problem for them.


It calls desperation

Or it is called, someone in the forum might have good ideas how to solve the problem. Remember CS receive hundreds if not thousands of requests, the might not give deep thoughts of what you are asking, so why not give a shot in the forum, I think one good advice from someone was dig deep into his/her brain to remember the info. That is pretty good advice. :slight_smile:

Same answer they sent me, like a bot!