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Security quesion


I forgot my security question answer. I want to change my security question please help me.


Contact Customer Support. Only they can help you.


thanks. itry to contact with them but don’t get perfect answer


When you were setting the answer if you haven’t cleaned form data of your browser and if you did not use something like incognito or private mode, the answer to your security question is recoverable.


How can I recover the question?


Perhaps you shouldn’t be expecting perfection. Fiverr will respond when they respond. You will just have to be patient until that happens.

What did Customer Service tell you? As has already been noted, they are the only ones who can help you with this issue.


Aren’t only people who know the answer to the security question allowed to know it?

If someone can give you the answer that’s not very secure.


Everything you enter in a web form is automatically saved and security question answers aren’t even password fields. So if you can access the form data database of your browser(which is very easy) and if you haven’t cleaned this data , you can easily find it. :slight_smile: