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Security Question and Answer Error

Hello. This is my first topic here. I cant seem to remember the answer to my security question, The answers that are supposed to be right are coming out as invalid. I want to have it removed altogether or have it changed or something. I contacted support but they just left me hanging. Please tell me what to do, my funds are tied down!!! Thanks

Nothing we or CS can do to help you - you’ve got to know your security question and answer yourself.

Much better that than some stranger being able to get into your account though.

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Is there no way a reset link can be sent to my verified email or phone number? I remember the answer I just cant remember how I wrote it

Don’t think so I’m afraid.

I am also facing same issue, CS is tasking too long time to reply even 3 days. And they reply same things like try to remember password. WOW! mean if I forgot it then what can I do now? its about 6 days are going to pass but no solution. Please inform me when you get something from CS or solution!