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Security Question forget


I forget my security question. I am not able to withdraw revenues. Please help me. I am willing to provide you any document which proves that this account belongs to me.


Short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer: If you set a security question, remember it. There’s no way to get it back otherwise.


If you contact Customer Support, they might (again, might) let you give them the appropriate identification documents to restore full access to your account, so you can try contacting them - I don’t think you have anything to lose by trying.


While you’re waiting for an answer from Customer Support in the meantime, start :running_woman: jogging your memory.


You’re right guys,
But customer support saidthat we have to remember it. What can we do now if we forget it.


reset it through your email. Maybe


I don’t have to answer my security question to withdraw revenues so I’m surprised you need it for that.


Happened to me once, CS asked me for the Identification for my Payoneer account to which I withdraw my funds too.


Was your phone number verified on fiverr??
My phone number was use as my security question, I was asked to input the code been sent to me…