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Security Question -Forgot Answer

I am in a deep trouble and need a solution. I am new to fiver and i have been working on it from past 2 months.I have not done any transaction till now, But today when i tried to transfer money it asked me for security question.But i did not remember answer to that. I contacted to support time but they refuse to reset my security questions .I have my mobile number verified with fiver.
Please suggest some solution.

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How do you forget the answer to the security question that YOU originally created?

EDIT: I see that you joined Fiverr two months ago (“August 2017”). Have you already forgotten your security elements in only two months.

I do not know they are case sensitive. I was unaware that it will be used for transaction

It’s there to protect sellers from hackers. I am sure if you could provide more information of you to support, you might be able to fix this problem.

I have told them that i have my phone numbers linked to my account

Yup Unfortunatly. I am entering the same answer which i thought i had written at that time but it’s not accpeting.

Well, you have two options…

1.) Remember the answer that you selected.

2.) Work with Customer Support to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do for you here on the forums. We are not Custumer Support. We are merely sellers (and buyers) just like you.


I do not think that the answer is case sensitive.