Security question help!


I am not US citizen. I typed in my Security answer and they telling me it’s incorrect. I contact support their response is I should try and remember. Now im confused.

I can not remember Answer of my security question

Try harder.

Nobody can help you here if Customer Support already told you what to do.
Good luck with that :+1:


okay. But I do know the answer but it rejecting it. but thanks for the reply


If it rejects the answer then the answer is incorrect.


But that is the thing though I know the answer but it’s not registering and I wasn’t the only person with this issue. Its so easy to change my password but a security question even if I have indicated that my phone wasn’t stolen but as you’ve said before I should contact supports and hopefully they can help me.


If your answer is right but output showing is incorrect then contact CS and tell them the whole case. Hopefully, they will help you if the answer of your security question is 100% right.


thank you. That’s what I am currently doing.


Good luck…! :slight_smile:


thank you. I need it.


You’re most welcome!