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Blessed day,

Need help can’t seem to remember my security question answer contacted supported centre but no response yet. So any idea how I can fix this problem will be greatly appreciated it also has to do with receiving my payments seeing I can’t withdraw from fiverr due to the PayPal policies and our country policies I am not able to receive money via PayPal so trying plan B.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,



The questions are ones such as what school did you go to, so not sure how this would be something to forget.

There seems to be a lot of people who can’t remember the security question answers.


How would we remember the right question? Usually the site remembers the question and we only need the answer.r


@Kjblynx may I remind you that we are only humans and we have a tendency to forget however I tried all the possible answers and still no luck and I contacted support centre days ago since in April and have not received any feedback. Of course I know my childhood nickname but why isn’t it allowing my answer I have no idea. In addition, if you are not here to assist but just here to criticise or pass your judgement I would really appreciate if you didn’t comment cause the idea of me posting here was to get some help not you or whoever may sound like you to be saying I should remember this and remember that pshh and also there is no sense in putting something that has no true meaning to you or your just putting it because that’s what the sites wants you to put. If its that way then no wonder people can’t get their answers.

Now I wait again hopefully for some real help and answers. *sits and waits patiently


Hello is your issue solved?plz share your experience


Have you realized this thread is from 3 years ago? :roll_eyes:


Hello…Actually i forgot my security answer…I am new seller …please help me…


I have seen you already opened a topic on it. Wait to see if anybody answers you.

There’s no need to write all over the forum, specially waking up old threads. Lazarus should have the right to rest, don’t you think? :wink:


@maitasun ok :zipper_mouth_face: :disappointed_relieved: