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See, As a new seller how easily you can get orders!

Many people ask that I am new seller to fiverr, how to get started and how to get myself noticed? how do I get order? how to get a message from Buyer? Then you have to think about some things. How much time you spend on fiverr daily? What you have done to improve your gig? Is your gig perfect? Have you compared your gig with other sellers?

First of all , Check to see if your gig ones were made correctly.

See your competitors’ gigs, how they have made their gigs more beautiful.

Then search your gigs in fiverr to see if you can find your gigs in Fiverr with the targeted keywords you want.

Then Send Bayer request at 10 time every day.

Marketing your gigs through social media. And offer your target audience a lower price with lots of servece on social media, so that they can come and watch your gig and order it.

And spend a certain amount of time every day in the fiverr and forum.

These are the words I say from my experience.

If you do these things well you will definitely get order, if you want to know anything, please comment.


I hope this idea helps me to get my first order…

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What does this “correctly” include in it?

Sometimes you wouldn’t be able to find your gig but buyers will still be able to see it.

Not everyone can see 10 requests every day and some of them might be irrelevant to your your gigs. You should send only targeted Offers that you are sure you will be able to complete and they are in the area of your expertise.

Spending time on the forum wouldn’t bring any advantage to your gigs. They only way you can benifit is only by reading the forum and getting useful insights

Yes I do want to know the main thing: YOU HAVE 0 REVIEWS. So how can you advise that all this will work for others if that didn’t work for you?


Try this, obviously you get order!

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Many times after creating a gig, the gig description are deleted, you have to check if your gig are OK.

Whether you find your gigs with your target keywords, you need to check in another browser

Yes, You should send 10 only targeted Offers that you are sure you will be able to complete and they are in the area of your expertise.

This is my new account, I was a top rated seller at Fiverr in 2015. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

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And what happened with your old account? I wouldn’t believe that you closed tope rated account and decided to start from zero.

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Thanks for the tips.

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It’s your personal matter. Don’t say it in front of people. Thank you

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I don’t, you said it yourself that you had a top rated account and now created second account.

Just an FYI it’s against TOS having two accounts and if your first one was banned then you might loose this account sooner or later.


I will take care of it. thanks

I have a question.I opened my gig 8 days ago. Can i now edit my gig? I heard gig is only editable only 72 what can i do to redesign my gig?

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Editing within 72 hours is fine. But you can lightly edit a gig you didn’t have order. so note that editing a best seller gig is not right.


thanks…helpful post :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Very nice advice… :smile:. I think we all should focus on this.

I didn’t get a single order yet. So your suggestion is that,i can edit a little bit in my gig??Thanks for your suggestion

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what a tips :star_struck:

You said you used to work at freelancer.

And how many orders did you easily get since you opened it (since you claim that new sellers can easily get orders)?

He should be aware of it, he complained about it:

Have you spent a certain amount of time every day on the forum, and if yes, have you noticed that the advice you’ve offered is generic and that there are hundreds of topics offering the same generic advice? Just curious.


thanks for your valuable opinion.

Yes, I said. even it still exists. But now I don’t spend time there

I got two jobs in Alredy and completed one

And the complaint was right but I meant that you have to try to send ten requests

I would be extremely wary about taking or following advice from someone who has zero reviews (at the time of writing this comment at least, and therefore at the time of the original post being written). You’ve shared nothing new, these ‘tips’ are the same, generic tips that get shared hundreds, if not thousands of times. Simply following these tips is certainly not going to guarantee someone a sale.

Perhaps it would be better to focus on building your business into one that’s truly successful? Then you could come back and share your story. There’s value in doing that. That way you can give people honest, personal advice that’s built on experience.