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See, As a new seller how easily you can get orders!

He already did. He was a top rated seller on his previous account as he said.

But when I started asking questions he asked me not to say this things in front Of people :confused: so I wouldn’t be surprised if his other account got banned for violations. No one just abandons top rated seller account without a reason.


Thanks. I will be more careful about this

Well, there was someone who used to be a TRS, then lost his TRS status because he was too busy with other stuff (politics), then deleted his account, and later created a new one. I have no idea whether he’s actually selling something at the moment, though. He says he’s no longer interested in being a freelancer, but one never knows.

That’s why I didn’t tell you that, when you said “I wouldn’t believe that you closed tope rated account and decided to start from zero.” Then I said, “It’s your personal matter. Don’t say it in front of people”. I will never say that my account was closed without any reason. :frowning_face: My account was closed for fiverr tos violations

And you decided to violate TOS again and open new account… :clap:

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No, I bought a new PC and joined Fiverr.

The last line of the spell was incorrect, now I have fixed it. sorry about that

Ah ok then that’s cool. Breaking TOS with new PC apparently makes all violations disappear :woman_facepalming:


If you didn’t get the permission from Customer Support to open a new account, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

So… You get permanently banned for ToS violations, then you violate the ToS again, and you think people should get advice from you?


Thanks for the important tips

I haven’t gotten any orders :confused:

Thanks you for good information

Main gripe: buyers request and social media. Responding to buyers request daily isn’t possible and even if it was, it would turn off a lot of buyers that use it. The social media suggestion really must go as the grand majority that see it, do the worst possible thing: spam post.

Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve visited the fiverr social media pages and see nothing but response posts filled with sellers advertising their gigs. Even worse, when announcements are made about new partnerships with fiverr, those partners’ pages are inundated with spam posts of sellers advertising their gigs. It’s gotten so bad that some have resorted to blacklisted any and all fiverr links.

There’s no single one guaranteed method for obtaining orders outside of offering a service that’s in high demand and showcasing your competency within the service with relevant samples. It’s nice when other sellers are offering a helping hand but dislike it when advice is given that will cause problems in the short-run.

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Great advice! Exactly how I got my first couple of buyers!

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wow! that’s great news

Thanks for your tips

i am a new seller. i completed 5 order but past 2 month i dont get any order.

You can still edit your gig, as and when required.