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It starts off with what seems like a reasonable message. Then every single red flag possible goes up.

Someone messages wanting more than what my gig provides. I tell them that no, sorry, I don’t do this but I do offer this etc.

Then there is the request for a sample. Now, already, I’ve Googled the username and it and the logo the person uses matches a website for someone who is obviously a reseller. In this case, I say no. I direct the person to my Fiverr live portfolio and that’s it.

Then I get:

‘Why you act like you ain’t see my question prior?’

Which is just odd.

Followed by:

So for $5 I can get a video base on what I see in your profile?

Now I don’t offer any video work for $5. And I especially don’t offer custom work for $5.

Politely I therefore say:

No. Sorry, I don’t offer anything for $5. All my pricing is exactly as advertised on each of my gigs. If you are looking for a $5 service, I would suggest that you look for people who offer $5 services.

Only to get back a message saying SEE ATTACHED FILE which is a screenshot of my lowest priced video gig in the niche the buyer is looking for, very clearly priced at $25.

Naturally, I try to close this down by saying, sorry but I do not offer anything for $5 and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to work with you.

The thing is, this is what I absolutely hate about Fiverr. I’m now sat here, you see, thinking. You know what? I should just pause all my gigs right now because I know this person is going to order something from my lowest priced gig (even if it’s not a video gig) and make my life hell trying to appease them. - I know this because this happened yesterday too with someone who I’m now suspecting might be the same person.

The blistering ignorance, childish timewasting, and pointless manipulativeness of some people who use Fiverr is just too much to bare sometimes.


I am literally nauseous right now from having to spend an hour dealing with someone like this who went ahead in spite of me demanding multiple times that he not order from me, and of course I now have a $5 order from him with the promise he will order many more $5 gigs from me. He began the whole thing by claiming he researched me on google and found negative comments about me but he would test me anyway.

He ignored my questions about what he found about me (I had to google myself after he claimed this and there is nothing) and it continued on like this. His questions and disparaging comments have continued on and off all day.

His profile says he is in the US but I asked what country he is in and he named a south Asian country. I am so sick, literally, from this guy.


Yeah, even though I’ve tried to close this down, I’m now getting:


What are you talking about

Why u make it seem like no one can’t ask you questions before serving them

And this just annoys the hell out of me. My answers started you see with:


With my video gigs on Fiverr, I can only make a promo with still images. I am putting together a video service as well but this isn’t ready for release yet. In this case, if you would like to order a 2D video (using your property images) please feel free to place an order. If you like, you can then also send me your video footage and I will see if I can include some of this in a separate video version. Please note, however, that any order would be for a 2D video only and any separate version would be something that I would be making as a free extra.

I hope that this helps.

Kind Regards,


How have I offered bad customer service by saying, no, I don’t work for $5?

Also, this is exactly why even though I do already, I need to vet buyers even more. You see this buyer is apparently based in the US but their English is abysmal.

This is why my neighbors think I’m mad for walking my dog in the rain at midnight. No one understands what we have to put with here.


@cyaxrex @misscrystal


Sounds like they want to hurt your gig reputation. Maybe a competitor? :thinking:


Thanks, I sometimes get someone from a south Asian country who is determined to leave a “warning” to others about this type of service I offer and is hateful and plans to do all he can to discourage people from buying my gigs. I had this thought immediately about him but was also thinking about my cancellation rate at the time but this has all the red flags. I appreciate your insight.


No. I’ve actually had a competitor repeatedly order and cancel from me to try and do that. This is a scammer and yes, this does happen. What’s worse with my last experience with a person like this, they placed an order after my insisting for them not to, then asked to cancel the order when it was delivered, and then when I refused, got a full refund off CS anyway which I didn’t know about until I had the order cancelled for me.

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So where does the refund $ come from?

Actually that is a type of English spoken in some areas of the US. He shows hostility to you in his own way like my horrible buyer does.

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I thought everyone did this? Don’t they? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Honestly, I don’t think I can handle the type of freelancing you all do. The most I deal with are cheapskates that return ebooks. :unamused:

One of my mystery, thrillers is a series and there is someone from a particular country that buys on day one and returns a week later. I wish I could find this buyer and block him.


Because CS can cancel orders if a buyer can raise a good argument. As I understand it, even in this case the buyer should only receive the balance back in Fiverr credit. They can only get a full refund if they file a PayPal chargeback. Usually though, when this happens, sellers are notified and in the latter case, I wasn’t. I just got a notification that the order was canceled.

Also, even though buyers who use chargebacks to get refunds are supposedly banned from Fiverr after doing so, I have had one occasion where a buyer had their account somehow reinstated and tried to order from me again.

It’s a dog eat dog world here… :slight_smile:

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I’d actually have fun with this. I’d write a mystery about a disgruntled author who is tired of having books returned and finally finds a way to track down the culprit and go full Misery on them.

I’d call it ‘The Off-Shelf Serial Killer’ and I’d dedicate it to the buyer’s credit card number so they get the message.


So I just now initiated a mutual cancellation. This will ruin my cancellation rate but when a buyer makes me physically ill, I think that is a good reason to not proceed. My guess is that it will begin another barrage of unpleasant messages combined with a refusal to cancel.


Good luck. My potential buyer has gone quiet now so I think I might be safe. it would be so nice to have no consequence mutual cancellations back though… It would make life so much less stressful.


Sad that this :poop: happens.


Wow, that sucks. I didn’t even get to use Fiverr before mine was taken down because what Im guessing is a competitor of some sort claimed the gig I spent a few minutes making up and deciding on violated THEIR rights. I’m mad about that… anyway

so how fiverr works is you can’t deny or block any specific buyers? I feel like there should be a way to block certain buyers, and just throw in a Reason Why thing. If someones blocking multiple, throw up a flag or pause the gig til it can be looked at or something. So you have no choice but to entertain them? Or maybe they can give you a low rating without buying anything from you? I dont know, because of whoever the lying jerk was that took my gig away from me.

This actually sounds more like you were offering something which is against Fiverr’s TOS or the TOS of another site.

Only in very rare cases will a fellow seller attempt to sabotage another sellers gig. What is more, they would have to be very stupid to attempt this as it would likely get their own account restricted by Fiverr.

I read @taylorsyepeodeu post about her gig being taken down. It was a homework gig. Something not allowed by Fiverr. Yes, there are homework gigs that get by Fiverr scrutiny for a short time, but they eventually get taken down. I had a gig to type, transcribe and proofread:
Business Letters
Press Releases
Names and addresses on a spreadsheet.
However, then I got the idea to add “homework”, and my gig was taken down until I took out the “homework” part. I was not going to do the homework, just proofread it mind you. That is something when I substitute teach; I hear the teachers tell the students to do, “Find someone to proofread your paper before you submit it.” But it is not allowed here.

Guys… Fiverr said that someone else filed a claim against me for violating their TOS/IP. Violating Fiverr’s own TOS is a different violation and also elicits a different message for denying the gig. Idk if you guys need special written proof from fiverr or what… but all I have is the pasted message and your sense as to how works… also try reading how the denied gigs things work. And yeah Im sure nothing in my gig couldve violated a specific site’s TOS. I made it up 100%. I wasnt specific on the hw help being offered (although I wont offer homework help again just because thats not allowed here I found out), and I wasnt specxific about the articles.

“What is more, they would have to be very stupid to attempt this as it would likely get their own account restricted by Fiverr.”

Would it though? Nobody replied saying whether or not they know that Fiverr even bothers to look again because of how they phrased their denial message, as if it was like, “the end.” And yes they’d have to be dumb to try for sure, but maybe they’re well established and it doesn’t matter… and Youtube has similar issues with claims that are actually brushed off. Yet people try it. Im not sure if its rare. I mean, there’s motive and people try things even if they won’t work if people fight back so that’s not a reason to think Fiverr would misuse their own system.

Thank you @vickiespencer for letting me know that though. If you remember, your gig denial message was different from mine. I won’t put a homework help gig up again. :slight_smile:

Wow that sucks and is BS. I think Fiverr should consider a feature where you can block buyers completely ad just give a reason.

Nope, me either. :zipper_mouth_face: It is too easy for the “tutor, assist, or help” to slip over the line into the “do for you” territory, and I think that is Fiverr’s concern.