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See buyer previous review


Hi everyone , today i am going to give a tips for seller . sometimes we need to analysis new buyer ,when they are knock. you can see buyer previous review by this line - reviewed by clientname go to google and paste this link , replace clientname word with your client name . then you will some gig link . click on link and find out client review from review section. happy working



This is very good post, Sometime it become necessary while we will take order.


Its a. really good technique to find the buyer’s previous history.
We know most of fiverr buyer are very cheap , so before asking for give order - jusge him.

Tanks for sharing.

Tagline: reviewed by “vroooomweb”


Wow… Such a awesome trick to find out buyer’s past revie. Thank you so much


thank you so much for appreciate me


thank you so much for appreciate me …


thank you , yes we need this so much


requesting you to read my recent post that is very much valuable


yes, it is very helpful tricks


yeah , its helpful for all seller …


sure … i will read your post


I will try to read those. Can you give me some profile link of post?


Ow…great…This is very helpful to me…Thanks @ imranhossainali


Thanks , it is very helpful for me.


WOW its a awesome trick to find how is the buyer previous record.

It’s really helpful for me. I must use this trick in my case.

Anyway ,

best wishes for you and your freelancing career



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Wow!!! amazing tips here. Very helpful. Thanks man!!


Wow its very helpful trick


Very helpful post.
Thanks for share your technic


Thanks for sharing the techniques… Hope it will help a lot…