See It. Want It. Order It


Here’s my advice to buyers:

If you see an interesting gig, don’t just collect it, take action. Some things are here today, and gone tomorrow. Do not miss out on a phenominal deal by waiting til its too late. I have been on both sides, as a buyer and a seller. I just went through some gigs I bookmarked, and they’re no longer available. Its not a good feeling. I recently paused most of my gigs, and had several buyers inquiry about them (most likely they collected them awhile back). So again, never assume a gig will always be available.

Good luck & happy shopping! :slight_smile:



Most definitely. :slight_smile:


yes, I’ve been that situation too. I didn’t took one of my gig seriously when it have some interested buyers. Now I treat every order seriously, because this is a business. :slight_smile:


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Reply to @expertseo1: Please don’t do that. This thread is a tip for buyers, so stick to the topic. If you want to promote yourself there’s section for that, but don’t do it here. Thank you.


@musiclover - this is so true! I haven’t been in a position to buy many gigs, but I will be in a few weeks and some of the ones I really liked are gone now.

Carpe diem, yes?


Reply to @ruanna3: Yeah, I regret not buying a few gigs myself.


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