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See My Profile And Give me more Exclusive Suggestion

Hi there, I am Here new seller Fiverr in 3 months ago but not give any order
Anyone give me some suggestions


Well, first of all, it appears that you’re using someone else’s gig description - that’s not just unethical and against Fiverr TOS, it’s also killing your SEO:

Secondly, your gig page doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in you as a graphic design professional. Everything I’ve circled in red is either misaligned or too small/blurred to read on your gig page. The purple circles are grammatical errors.


@[thatwordchick] Thank you Very much For Your good suggestion
But Now I Will hopeless & What do I will now, please say me.

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I…literally circled what you need to change? I mean, short of me logging onto your account and literally doing your job for you (no thanks, by the way), I don’t know what you’re expecting me to do.


You introduced yourself as a graphic designer but your gig images looks bad so I don’t think people would trust you and order your gig. If you were a writer or something it doesn’t mateer, but still. :pray:t2: Take your time on that images.


I will be expecting from you, What I will change my gig profile now.

Well, you’ll be waiting an awful long time, if that’s the case. I charge $100 an hour. :slight_smile:


Thank you for suggested me, Now you say me Which image problem in my gigs

Check out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!

Also check out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Creating a Gig).


All of them. Unreadable, ugly font choices, bad layout. Red bg and yellow text, cropped wrong image size? You have put “editing” in your title but just removed backgrounds. Didn’t see any before or after differences. Might as well just use app for that right ? Just take your time on your gig images.


Thank you very much @[gongor32]

@graphic_tofayal I took a moment to check your gigs, and included a screenshot of one of your descriptions in the Fiverr app.

None of the formatting carries over from desktop to the app, so nothing that we put in bold or highlight shows as such. When you scroll through your description, it appears as one long list of bullet points that endlessly repeats itself and from a buyer’s perspective, this can get monotonous. Try to clean up your grammar and wording, and along with improving your images, this will go a long way to helping your gig look its best!


Try to clean up my grammar and wording, and along with improving my images, this will go a long way to helping your gig look its best!
for this reason, you can help me please like as your younger brother/ friends
because now I am so hopeless

You want to be treated as though you were family? You sure about that?

This is what how I responded to the last user who asked me that: Check my Gig and sugget me changes - #2 by imagination7413


Why do you keep saying that you’re hopeless? Everybody in this thread so far has been giving you exact things that need to be changed in your gigs.

Now all you need to do is go edit your gigs and follow the suggestions that were provided above in other replies!


@graphic_tofayal Being in business for yourself means you are 100% responsible for every action and any decisions that you make, legally as well as financially.

No matter how many threads you read, no matter how much advice you are given, if you can’t make the changes happen or take responsibility for the fate of your business, then absolutely nothing any of us say or do will make any difference.

While I don’t want anyone to feel hopeless, ever, the advice you were given was valid critique, and if you really want to make Fiverr your career, then you must be willing to take it, and use it to start making your gigs better. Start with small edits, don’t copy another’s gigs, and keep going!

There is no shortcut or tip or hack that will make your gigs a success overnight, but patience, hard work and the desire for more will be the traits that push them and you forward.

On Fiverr and in life, there is both success and failure. Sometimes they are not equally measured, but you will have both. The only difference between success and failure, is that the failures will be a waste if you never learn from them. I wish you luck!


thank you for good suggested

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So hopeless or so amazingly lazy to not even do the minimum amount of effort to fix your own gig despite the people spending their time to stick your nose into the most questionable parts. With such attitude and approach, clients will seek to avoid your gig for miles unless you change your attitude.


@tenebres_telrei [tenebres_telrei]
Thank you very much

thanks for giving us valuable tips