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See this ticket, I need a refund #4839346


I have this order #FO71486C71CE4. It was automatically completed because when you mistakenly disabled my account, the seller submitted the work and by the time you reopen the account it was completed. Seller has been paid but she never delivered the project. I want to be refunded please. I paid $750 and 2 weeks they haven’t done anything. I thought the job was almost done but no.

I need my money back.


Unfortunately we are the same buyers and sellers on the forum.

You will have to open a ticket with customer support. They are the only ones who can help you


I already did but their ticket support isn’t quick at all and that’s exactly why I am on this situation now.

When my account was mistakenly disabled I got an email that seller submitted the work. I immediately contacted Fiverr so they can reopened my account or put the contract on hold until the issue is resolved but they took like 3 days to reopen it.

:cry: I feel like I will lose my money $787 for low quality and unfinished work.

Is it possible to be refunded ? Have you been in such situation ?


If the seller don’t complete your work, definitely you will get refund , but you need wait ripley from customer support, Forum never can solve your issue, So please wait be patience

You will get a refund if the support gets to know about the low quality job. but i would advice why not try to work with the seller and make them do a quality job. if not contact support again. they are slow these days because of the covid, i think they are short staffed

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I tried to resolve the issue with them but nothing worked out. I will wait.


Sorry also for raising this in the forum. It’s my first time having issue with sellers on Fiverr. I already opened a ticket for the matter. Hope it works out soon.

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750 is a pretty healthy sum for seller to charge, get paid and deliver nothing or almost nothing. If I got order of value 750 I would spend every second of my day with toothpick in my eyes to keep them open to learn what needs to learned and gain skills necessary to complete the task at the best possible level, given that I do not have skills listed in service and my pure fortune I strike a deal of $750 order.

Can you share (if you want) what is the category of the order?


Firstly I hired them to complete an opencart project of mine. I had all designs ready, website code etc but they were unable to deliver. They suggested Wordpress, I buy a multivendor theme and sent many Google documents detailing my requirements but they never do as said in the document. The only things they customized in the theme is the header and footer. They blocked me on Fiverr. I was using ■■■■■ for video call with them on the project, they also blocked me there. They changed my Wordpress admin password because I gave them access, they said that I am a « ■■■■■■■■■■■■ ». Now they are gone with my money and I have an unfinished project.


The moment they did this you should have red lights, designers should not be limited to wordpress.

I hope you get your money back.

I will not say this is an isolated case and that will never happen to you again.

90% of my first clients actually paid twice for the same thing. First time they hired fraud to gewt the work done then they found me. I was sad they were robbed but at the same time I can not work for free.

Fiverr is “sometimes win sometimes lose” kind of thing.

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Now they removed everything from the websiteC, J can no longer access my WP admin. It’s a complete waste of time and money with those developers.

why do you think it was mistakenly disabled?

Contact your domain provider and block them, ask for verification of IP address that was used to create the site and purchase domain. In communication with CS try to keep your emotions down and under control. Be polite, strict and clear in what has happened to you.

I think someone access my account and ask Fiverr to do it. I understand that they disabled it but the order should have never been automatically completed. If the order wasn’t automatically completed, I would never accept the order. The delivery date for the order was November 10, 2020 and they submitted way before while I wasn’t here. They know what they were doing I think.

actually it’s normal , an order gets automatically marked as complete if you don’t actually request a revision ( by pressing that request a modification button ) after 3 days

Delivering an order ahead of schedule is not something bad actually .


Please understand what I said.

The issue is that my account was disabled when they submitted the work and it was automatically completed before my account was reopened. So I didn’t have the chance to review it.

we can’t help you here , you’ll have to wait for support to respond

You need to stay calm, explain all of this to the CS and wait for their reply. Since they can take a few days to answer, I’d suggest you to explain everything as detailed as you can in a single message with references to your Order Number, what you asked, what you were expecting, what you got etc.
Also mention the fact that you cannot access your WP admin panel. Also if the website has been done from zero, after you get refund you won’t be able to use the work which was already done.

I am waiting. I hope that I will be refunded.

I agree to not use their work once I am refunded. I have to access my admin from the hosting panel. They already put the website down. I explained all this with the CS yet. I am now waiting for their reply.