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See what happened to my gig (i am crying

At first, My writing gig was not visible in the search result. I had to create a timetable for social media promotions to drive organic traffic. After some months of aggressive promotion. My gig became visible and I was promoted to page two of the search result.

Today, I received a TOS Warning that a buyer I messaged several months ago has reported me for spamming. Immediately, my gig disappeared out of the search result.
Meanwhile. The buyer was the first to send me a message. I only responded to her inquiry and promoted myself. What can I do?
So I will not sell for the next 30 days because she reported me.


This is not at all intended to be harsh, but facing the realities of Fiverr might be wise since you are so upset about this. It is really dangerous to count on Fiverr’s search as your primary or only means of getting traffic. Your aggressive promotion is great if it was targeted to the right audience, but that promotion should really be intended to help you get your own traffic, not just to drive your search placement. Fiverr search is notoriously unreliable, it’s never guaranteed no matter what you do. I’m sorry that you’ve had troubles. It might be a good time to come up with some alternative (additional) strategies instead of giving into no income for any length of time.


I wish every new seller who thinks it’s a good idea to send spam would see this.


Thanks for your advice . I really appreciate you.