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See what is wrong

Hope you all doing great. Kindly see my gig and tell what is wrong with it. Did not get any order yet. That’s quit annoying :slightly_smiling_face:.

The gig title says “I will assists you in research and report”.
Maybe change the first bit to “I will assist you”.
Maybe the whole thing could be something like “I will assist you in research and report writing”.

Maybe changing the “yes! you are in the right place.” bit might help.

In the package descriptions you say “i will write” - maybe capitalise the word “I”.

Also I’m not sure tag “creative writing” is the best tag to use for the gig/topics covered (isn’t creative writing more about fiction which isn’t really applicable to your gig?).

In the description you say “Free unlimited revisions” - though you could point out that that is only on the premium package. The other packages have less revisions.

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Thank you for pointing out I will make correction…