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See when my message was seen


Hey, it will be great if you can add something similar with fb messenger - where we can see if our last message was seen by the other part.
What do you think, it’s possible?



Well, that’s really the last time that the other person was seen on Fiverr, but they could have visited the site without reading your message, so it doesn’t really let you know if they read it or not.


This is completly different :slight_smile: maybe he log in on fiverr and don’t check messages


If he logs in and doesn’t check messages then what would be the reason of logging in?


Check more urgent orders, for example, it happens…


what if the urgent order is in the messages?


I just listed a possibility… Of course there are many


I despise systems that tell people when I saw their message, so it’s a no from me.

I read messages all the time but maybe I don’t want to reply on my phone app, or maybe I want to think about a response, or maybe it’s just before I go to bed but it’s too complicated for a quick response. The last thing I want is the buyer thinking I don’t care about their message because it takes me an hour, or sometimes more to respond.


Could you imagine how many sellers or buyers would just sit there complaining of how you read their message but never replied. All hell would break loose.


yeah. you are right.


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