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Seeing Previous Profile Picture in Fiverr Community Forum

Hi everyone, I am a newbie in Fiverr. I don’t know about Fiverr because I just started working here. Suddenly I have changed my profile picture in my Fiverr account. But I am seeing that the previous picture in my Fiverr Community Forum profile did not change. :frowning:
So my question is why my profile picture did not change in Fiverr Community Forum? I am seeing my previous picture in my Fiverr Community Forum profile. I log out and log in to solve the problem but nothing changed.


Your should, can communicate fiverr help & support. Then you can got the problem solved.
Thanks dear.


Hi, thanks for your help.
Don’t know why but after posting my problem in Fiverr Community Forum the problem has solved.
Now I am thinking should I delete my question or let it show to everyone?


Change any settings from your preference (you can undo that change later), Forum system will fetch your image from your Fiverr account.

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