Seeing spirits and ghost


I recently joined fiverr because it’s so hard to find real psyics and witches on the internet. I tryed about five of them and I ended up being pleased by one witch and two psyics. I look for stuff like this because though I was born with a gift I don’t typically use it or understand it so I seek experts help. I started this topic though because I was wondering how do some of you deal with being different. I often feel lonely unable to tell anyone that I see ghost not even my life partner knows and recently now that I am with child more than ever I want to seek others who understand.


I’m sorry, and I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I think you’re on the wrong forum. I don’t think you’ll get the discussion you want and need here where people are providers of professional services.


There are people who provide services regarding the manner and that makes it a topic of discussion, I have seen spiritualist and wicans offering there services here.


What kind of ghosts do you see? Can you elaborate on your experiences?
Sounds interesting.


For me its typically been object driven or location driven. Like when I was small my dad brought home an old photo of a family of two little girls and this was one of the first times it happened. In any case I keep telling my father that I was having tea parties with the two little girls and was able to tell him a little about that time period because one of the toys I described the little girl carrying was from world war two and the toy one of the little girls was carrying was not in the photo. My parents at first thought I just had a crazy imagination or made up some imaginary friends.


Seeing ghosts is a rare gift. However, if you develop your ability to its full potential you might face some unwanted consequences like constant fatigue, dizziness, headache and noise and pain in the ears, plus increased amount of stress. Communicating with ghosts drains away your energy so I really don’t recommend focusing on this.


Wow that doesn’t sound interesting at all.


It depends on the type of ghost. But I agree it is not something in general which is healthy.


You should consult a ghost expert. Maybe, they can give you an explanation about it.


I think you should start with a shrink.