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Seeking a seller who sells google traffic and who can also help me fix my Shopify store

Hi! I have a professional shopify store that’s been updated numerous times and I’ve paid for traffic and everything and many people have visited but for some reason I’m just not getting any sales. Is there a seller who can look at my store and fix this? If so, can you inbox me? Thanks!

If your store is professional, it sounds like you need a marketer, not paid traffic. Someone who understands your product and your mission and can directly reach out to your specific target customer persona.

Also, it’s against the Fiverr terms of service for sellers to contact users about their services, so anyone who does is breaking the rules. That isn’t a good personality trait to have in someone who you want to trust with your brand.

That said, how many gigs did you look at previously? Did you message the sellers before buying? What was your budget? What was your brief?

Also, have you tried the Buyer’s Request section?