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Seeking a solution for the category selection issue in Fiverr

Hi mates,
There is a Question for all who are experienced enough here in Fiverr. I am a graphic designer, and my comfort zone is print-designing and Pod. My brother is an artist, and he digitalizes his works with Adobe illustrator and sometimes photoshop and wants to work here too from the same IP or internet connection. I know we can use two accounts here, but they must be from two different sectors. But he has to work for the Graphic design sector too, at least I think so. Is there anyone who knows the solution, please?

Please see: Me and my brother use the same pc .....can we have 2 separated accounts? - #6 by vickiespencer


Thank you for your suggested link. but my problem is close to him but not the same. We are not sure about our categories because we are working from different segments of Graphic Design

You can try asking Customer Support, but they’re likely to say the same thing to you.

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Ya, I messaged them, waiting for the response. Thank you