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Seeking advice from experience people

Hello, Greetings! I have created my account last May. I have got four reviews! I am sending near about 10 offers for buyer requests every day. I have sent 605 offers. I do not use any template, I write it manually. But for more than a month now, I have not received a response from buyers. Can anyone please tell me what I can do now?
Is it normal? Or do I have a problem?


Look at the forum threads about how to send the best offers to buyer requests, ones that specifically address what the buyer is asking for.

Also re: your gigs, these are my suggestions/comments for things that could be changed:

Gig: I will photo edit for you
In the gig description:
“before place your order” could be “before placing your order”

Gig: I will be your virtual assistant for any kind of data entry job
In the gig description:
“Web Scrapping” could be “Web Scraping” - it’s correct in one place.

Gig: I will support you with amazon wish list, reviews for your business
In the gig description:
“So, let’s began” could be “So, let’s begin”

It says “I will provide you product and customer review” - you could get in trouble (warning?) if you are offering to write customer reviews.


Thanks for your advice.

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