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Seeking advice from sellers


so, I’m pretty new here… but have used similar services.

I’m just wondering what’s the preferred etiquette here.

my current problem is with one seller that has a good rep on fiverr and elsewhere, (and no, it doesn’t appear to be bot reviews…) but I feel we’re standing on a weak branch of communication.

Now I’m far from a master orator or anything but I got a little panicky not quite knowing the system here and having an order completed/delivered (kept getting messages to give a review), which I’m only guessing from reading the forum was done so it didn’t pass the deadline.

But the seller isn’t communicating that with me - the average time between our communications has been a couple days & prior to this, I waited over the weekend to see if he’d send me heads up, then sent a couple messages a little over 24h apart - inquiring about that and trying to get a general timeline of when the project might be completed, and now, I’ve found out — but only from visiting the ad page – they’ve gone on vacation.

It’s a little stressful, I don’t want create problems for the seller and their work (for others; I’ve got nothing yet) is good - at the price, it’s something I’d likely have use for again.

but on the other side I’m a little miffed… I expected to be extended, between the difficulty of the job, the queues and holiday crunch but also feeling like if they’re not communicating with me about the delays, going on vacation or just overestimating how quickly they can turn around their gigs, it’s on them.

Do I wait out their holiday and try to resume communication or should I contact support - which I’m feeling like doing mostly just to have evidence that this is an ongoing issue than if it falls thru at the unforeseen end I just look like an ungrateful sod.


If they delivered nothing, they’re cheating the system. How you want to progress with this is up to you though. You can be the spirit of Christmas and let it slide, or report a violation of TOS to Customer Support. An ethical seller would have requested an extension deadline (in light of the job complexity, time of the year, personal reasons, whatever) to accommodate this and been in closer contact with you.

You haven’t made it clear whether you got something or not, though.


I got nothing from them. no demo, nothing.


Open and shut case, then.

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons: […] The seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to buyers.

It’s your decision.


thank you for response.

May the gifs bring you many lols the remainder of this year.



Be aware that “Holiday Mode” is the only option for sellers to stop accepting orders. It does not necessarily mean they are sitting on a beach or tucking into their turkey early. Most sellers use it when they are busy. I understand it may seem crazy that someone goes on vacation but it most likely is not what they have done.
Aside from that, if someone is looking for a review before the work is completed then cancel, cancel, cancel.


I don’t think they’re personally requesting the review, it seems like a more automated delivery message “has just been completed and is waiting for your review.” and the how would you rate your experience with the seller on my todo list when I sign in.

if I look at their other gigs, which are overloaded with requests… I could understand how they could be overwhelmed while adding one more resentment to just shake my fist at the kids on the lawn.

But there’s that nagging kicking in that I should done a more basic order first to test them out or ability to work together beforehand. Or maybe it’s all the lovecraftian themed carols playing around here…

it wouldn’t kill me to wait seven more days, my project isn’t quite an emergency or rush job. semi professional need but mostly indignant protest to show how these services could be used - which the system isn’t at fault in the greater whole, my other orders are going smoothly. This was just that bright little red cherry of overkill.

And I don’t necessarily want the order canceled, if they can still deliver… but it’s the not knowing what’s going on bit that is creating a persistent nagging. Another round of badly chorused cthulhu christmas melodies should help decide the fate of this mere mortal.

thank you for your response

may your work with the fair folk to erotic fair folk be bountiful in the coming year.


well, it seems he had an update on facebook, apologizing and with a timeframe… would have been nice to have on/thru fiverr, but meh… I’ll take it.

still, thanks for your responses…