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Seeking answer to my question to the experts


haven’t got any job yet, what’s the fault?


You are presenting your self as a logo design expert, and yet:

-your video is designed in poor taste 9design is design)
-your second sample of work is a template sold online
-your third sample of work is stretched pretty badly, which tells me you don’t care about proper dimensions, design that much.


The fault is that you aren’t taking your gigs seriously, and you aren’t marketing and promoting them to your target audience. Where you really expecting that orders would flood in, and make you rich, just because you have a gig hosted on Fiverr?

You need to rethink what you’re doing here, and how much work you plan to do in order to become successful. Orders need to be earned, and success will not come to you without daily hard work. Are you serous about your freelance career, or are you just hoping to “make some easy money”?


Better graphic designers with more Fiverr experience are offering their services for the same price as yours.

So why should I (or anybody) buy from you???

You don’t have to answer that question here. It’s something to think about. When you do answer it, however, and convey the answer in your gig, your financial success will skyrocket.

Everything has to be won here on Fiverr. There are no participation trophies.


Follow the advice given by @jonbaas @frank_d @sara19841


I will design flyer, brochure, leaflet, banner, poster Gig:

  • The introductory video, at the 0:46 mark, shows a series of reviews that don’t belong to you;

  • The “Admission” flyer is openly copied from a template of DesignCrowd.
    Already noted six days ago, is still there.

I will logo design, graphic design, vector, illustration Gig:

  • two logos come directly from StockLogos.
    The “Lotus Lady” logo, for example, is a design that dates back to 2012.

  • The “Restaurant Logo” comes straight from

Draw your own conclusions.