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Seeking Book Cover and Manuscript Format from Christian


The cover simply needs tweaking, and there is a manuscript that is 95000 words. I am looking for quotes from a Christian designer and formatter, because of the genre of the book. It will be for Kindle and Paperback. Thank you


This would be better to post this in Buyer Requests. You find that on the top right-hand side of the Fiverr home page under Buying where it says “Post a Request”.


Hi, @chocbomb did you get the service you were looking for? I am a Christian writer/editor and I would love to help.


This post is six months old. Why would you respond to it now and resurrect a post that is old? By now the buyer has undoubtedly found the help he needs. If you look at his stats, he has not been back to the Forum since this post, so the chances of him even reading your reply are pretty nil. :wink:


Okay @vickiespencer Thanks