Seeking collaborators


I am posting this on freelancer sites and thought I would try here as well:

We exist to give artists the skills and assistance they need to fulfill themselves as professionals.

Too many artists are stuck in a rut. They can’t make a decent living form their beautiful art. They have fulfilling jobs and their lives are drifting away. This changes NOW!

A couple of years ago I built an education platform with the intention of it becoming the premier business education system for artists globally. It was hard. Most of the content… hang on, ALL of the content was mine. I’m a good coach, but not a great coach. My vision, mission and values are clear but my execution isn’t.

This time. This re-build. This new manifestation is COLLABORATIVE.

I am seeking artists, coaches, trainers, teachers, etc. If you have an “execution plan” or a “training program” or a “lesson” or “video tutorial” or SOMETHING that we can monetise and put onto the site to create MASSIVE VALUE for our subscribers then we want to know about it and we will use it if it is great.

So, how do you get paid for this? Don’t forget this is a COLLABORATION. How does 50% sound? By that I mean that we will work with you to come to an understanding of what the product should sell as. Then we post on the new site and when it is bought, bang, $ to you.

This is a transparent and undertaking. Everything is shared and understood. Without you this venture is 100% worthless. Do you understand that? Worthless. It is as much about you as it is us; me.

So what have you got? Shoot me a line and we can discuss. If it passes the quality test then we will progress to monetising it.

Everything will be shared here, on freelancer so you have absolute protection.

Finally, this NEW site is just being built. We need to hurry but getting your stuff onto the platform may take some time. Let’s change the world.