Seeking Feedback!


Greetings, fellow Fiverr users!

I’m new to the platform and was hoping to get some insight and feedback on my gigs from some the veterans and more experienced users on the platform!

Thanks so much!


Have you done your homework?

  1. Do a search in your category and look up 5-10 best sellers
  2. Look at their gigs and compare them with yours
  3. Don’t copy their gigs, but try to put yourself in buyer’s shoes and make a list of reasons you would buy from your competitor
  4. Go through the list and make improvements

For example, here’s one of your gigs

What does this stock photo say about your gig? Does it explain the service? Does it feel like the seller has put a lot of effort into it?

Or does the gig description invite you to buy the gig? Does it showcase seller’s skill or quality of the service? Are these 4 sentences enough? Does it reflect the effort you put into your orders?

You need to do your homework and ask these questions.
Good luck!