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Seeking Fiverr Spiritual New Age Metaphysical Pals

I wanted a place to connect with those serious about their practice and/or art of being spiritual. My name is IntuitionHost on Fiverr and I signed up a couple of days ago and feeling super fantastic about this community already! I had 3 awesome sells so far and feel that I need to connect with more of you spiritual folk already established on Fiverr. I did not see a group for us to bounce ideas and mingle a bit so I thought I would bring it up for discussion. So feel free to introduce yourself.

Hop over to my special thread to post your spiritual, divination, metaphysical, and positive gigs as I would love to make a community centered collection on my profile to keep up with you wonderful beings.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Intuitionhost : )

My name is Soraya and i live in the most southern part of The Netherlands with my french bulldog Pablo and my soulmate.I have been a member of the fiverr community now for almost a month and i must say i really love it here as a seller as well as a buyer,for there are so many brilliantly gifted individuals that i have connected with in the last couple of weeks and have discovered a lot of very interesting things about myself in the process.I have always had a very deep interest in spirituality and energy healing since i can remember and have heard since i was very young that i am a natural healer and that it is my life’s purpose to be of service to others with my healing gifts.It is not until the last couple of years that i have truly come to believe that being true and have since then rapidly evolved as a spiritual healer.

I am a certified Reiki Master and Lightarian Trainer/facilitator which are highly evolved attunements that connect you with the realms of ascended beings like the seraphim,archangels and ascended masters.I am also a Shamballa healer and work a lot with the archangels to channel healing and guidance to those in need.

I am so very happy that i can help and share my gifts here on fiverr and the reactions have been more positive then i could have ever imagined.

I love the idea of sharing knowledge and stories about everything spiritual cause i am all about sharing where ever i can : ) so if you would like to know anything just let me know and i will do my best to help : )

Hello! My name is Jasmin!! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: xx

Hi, I am called Viser, I’m a cartoonist and i believe there is much to be learned in one’s fantasies and how they affect one’s active personality…

Reply to @viser1000: So i take it you don’t believe in the ‘spiritual world’ ?

I read tarot/playing cards and i love it… I even read for myself most of the times to just see things on the outer circle if that makes any sense. It’s always nice to know which direction would things go if you take either choices and it’s always nice to know if your making any right decisions.

Well, thats my way of thinking into it and thats just me! I don’t just do my own readings i love getting readings done by other readers as it’s always nice to know how others translate their cards and to see how they do their readings… As everyone is different and have their own way with their cards - although it’s always going to be the same conclusion.

However, your future isn’t set on stone… You always will have the power to turn things around and change things if you don’t like where your life is heading, which is what i love mostly about tarot and i think people don’t realise. When some people get their readings they ask things

Will i win the lottery tomorrow?

Will you win the lottery tomorrow, if every psychic knew whether you were going to win the lottery tomorrow then we’d all be millionaires :stuck_out_tongue:

These things happen by chance!

Another thing… I still find it weird when i get called a psychic! I don’t feel like one but maybe it’s because i’m just used to people having these abilities such as my family… But to be very honest with you, i really do feel we all have psychic abilities but only those who are psychics are more connected with their spiritual abilities whereas others aren’t!

I hope this helps… I’d love to hear your views !!

Apologies if this doesn’t make sense because it’s 4am, i just woke up and i can’t seem to get back to sleep so ofcourse i decided to go on fiverr :stuck_out_tongue: So if you read this before my mind is 100% functioning well and before i manage to realise i didn’t make any sense… You now know why! Lol xx

Wow, i just realised i wrote so much. I should consider finishing up my assignments at this time of hour! :))

jasmindolly said: Another thing.. I still find it weird when i get called a psychic!

You call YOURSELF a psychic though...

"I am a 7th generation psychic"

Maybe people call you a psychic because you say that you are? Lol... xD

My curiosity is burning. Anyone ever read the Tarot Trilogy by Piers Anthony?

I would love to hear a practitioners opinion on the book.

I will be the first to admit that I rarely ever read books on the Tarot because I find that they’re based too much on personal experience and I feel that these books are too powerful with their suggestiveness… it will really taint the way you read Tarot uniquely.


Reply to @mrspanda: I understand that. It is a fictional book written in '79 I think. It is very objective and inclusive.

It would definitely change the way you look at Tarot (I would use the word revolutionize as opposed to taint) so I do not recommend it for your individual autonomy.

For my self though, I love studying symbols and religions so it is the perfect book for me. I also really enjoy Anthony’s writing style. Internal thought structure, word play, and intellectual dialogue.

Reply to @mrspanda: Lol, mrspanda. Well, i was stating my background… Then again on my gig it says “7th generation of spiritual healers” …

Thats just probably because i’m used to the word “psychic” in arabic other than in english to be honest, i guess when i hear it in english it just makes me think of the stereotype you see in films, if you get what i mean lol

I prefer the word spiritual… But yet again i believe everyone is ‘psychic’ as i explained earlier x

No never read tarot books… MrsPanda is right, they are all based on personal experiences as you should really go with your intuition i guess and stick to it then the cards will pretty much follow you. I learnt reading cards watching my grandma and aunt doing them around me all the time… So i just picked it up i guess (eventually) lol

Reply to @maestromaster: However, you could use the book for guidance probably if you don’t have any experience with them but really follow your heart as you pick up the symbols and meanings… I mean thats just my advice xx

maestromaster said: It would definitely change the way you look at Tarot (I would use the word revolutionize as opposed to taint) so I do not recommend it for your individual autonomy.

I'm a successful Tarot reader with a certification that lead to a scholarship for my metaphysical studies... I think the way I read the Tarot is just fine, thank you very much. And I don't mean revolutionized, I mean taint. And those I have known in my life that gave me advice about the Tarot also explained to me that you should not pick up too many texts on Tarot because everyone has a unique read of reading it and if you become too heavily influenced by others, you lose the ability to stay unique. I appreciate your concern for the way I look at Tarot, but please, do not offer me advice that I have not asked for, thank you.

jasmindolly said: I prefer the word spiritual.. But yet again i believe everyone is 'psychic' as i explained earlier x

Yup. When I mention psychic, people automatically assume that I am claiming to be able to read minds, see who they will marry, even snoop into the lives of their potential suitors... I understand completely what you mean by everyone is psychic- I believe that everyone can tap into what we can with the cards, but not everyone chooses this path.


The way I learned Tarot- my mentor was trying to teach me to open up my subconscious without the use of tools. However, I became very drawn to the Tarot and began to read them myself. Instead of using books or mentors, I used the images of the cards and they brought me visions, thoughts, or just energy. After doing a few readings, people told me I was accurate in what I had to say, which fueled my passion for the Tarot. I think it is more natural to learn this way or to learn, like you jasmin, through watching someone else do it. I really dont think its something you can learn through school or textbooks, yknow?

Reply to @mrspanda: I’m with you on that… I agree 100%. It’s all about connecting and listening to what your mind is telling you!

As long as you stick to what you believe the cards are telling you, with practise and experience you will see achievments!!

MrsPanda i wanted to ask you, as a fellow spiritual fiverian… I’m quite over protective over my cards, i wouldn’t like other people handling my cards… Well, not my deck anyways! I don’t know why, but i feel i will lose that connection i have with them lool! Like, i don’t mind when i give it over for people to cut and shuffle however thats it… Do you find your the same with your cards or is that just me?

I remember once when i was a child my grandma yelled at me once for taking her cards and playing with them pretending i was doing a reading for someone loooooooool… But maybe thats subconscious in my mind because of that experience? Would like to know! xx

Reply to @jasmindolly: I am protective over my altar, but not my cards. I feel like so many peoples’ different energies always flow through it on a daily basis so I do not feel too bad about it. I feel that once I collect my cards back and shuffle it, everyone else’s energy is diffused and my cards have my energy again, but that is my personal opinion.

My altar where I read on… I do not let anyone touch that because I feel that it is infused with my personal energy. My husband put his beer down on it once… you can imagine what happened next. :))

I would totally order a reading for you (I LOVE having other people read for me… like intuitionhost already read for me when he was brand spanking new!) but I am in the process of creating a Tarot deck and I have been pinching every little penny. T_T

Reply to @mrspanda: LOOOL! I totally understand what you mean!!! Omg loool i’d die!! Haha, so great to finally meet someone on the same line !

I have 2 altars, one for my readings and the other which is kept at all times for me. I have a whole table dedicated to it (i think i have a pic up on one of my gigs!) I spent way too much time maintaining it to keep it as tamed and beautiful (as it is :stuck_out_tongue: ) to allow even my cats to go anywhere near it! lol, no, no! Makes me crazy just thinking about it! Lol, however one of my cats loves it once i start with tarot cards and has this habit of just sitting there as if she’s listening and concentrating on the cards! It’s so cute lol. She’s okay to stay if she doesn’t mess anything or go anywhere! Lol… So cute right?

…Meanwhile my other cat loves to…

Well the pic says it all, she spends 85% of her time in front of the telly! It’s only on for her really looooool No joke, thats pretty much the story of her life (besides all my cuddles and kisses)

Sorry, i get carried away when it comes to my babies x

Sorry mrspanda lol i just missed the point!

Thank you! Your such a sweetheart, whenever your free i’ll be more than happy to do one for you as a friend!

I think it’s great what you are doing, when your cards are out and published no doubt i’d be one of the first to purchase! You have my support! X

I’ve checked out intuitionhost’s gig, looks really interesting! Definately would want to order some time in the near future once my finances settle a bit!!

Your cats are so well behaved! I am used to evil cats! Haha, thanks for your support. I will definitely let Fiverr know when it comes out because the work is going to be a collaboration of several Fiverr sellers.

This is my “office” and my altar… it’s a tiny corner in my living room because I have a tiny government assigned house. There is a sofa next to my altar but my husband sometimes forgets. I should keep a fly swatter on my desk to smack him with xD heehee (i wont. i love him too much!)