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Seeking for advice

I had 10 orders running concurrently for a buyer. After about 4 was completed, we had disagreement and she canceled the remaining 6 (the 6 orders is on one gig, while the 4 orders is on another gig.) and gave me 3.5 star on the completed orders. The gig with canceled orders was ranking high or searches, but after canceling the order, my gig disappeared from searches. Please I need advice on how to remedy the situation.

All gigs are open to be rated by your buyers. The total of all ratings generally determine your ranking in the Fiverr search engine. Your 3.5 star likely caused you to drop in the rankings a bit.

Did she get customer support to cancel the 6 orders, or did you mutually agree to cancel them?

Its mutual cancellation.

After 3 or 4 weeks it will come back to where it was hopefully.

I hope it return soon than that. Thanks though

That’s horrible, sorry to hear that. I hope you think about it though, there is a lesson here.
A buyer can cause an issue for sellers by giving a negative rating, how much power did you give this guy by having 10 orders at the same time! That is giving him enough power to essentially remove you from the search results! 10 negative reviews for a level 1 seller would be almost impossible to recover from.
Keep it to one or two orders at a time and if they have more work, give them a custom extra from within an existing order instead of a completely new order.

Thanks Eoinfinnegan, Lesson learned