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Seeking for help || needs gig improvement

I was not in fiverr since last year.
I have 4 gigs thats are about to Graphics design & MS office related.
but these gig’s impression is not good as before because of my irregularity.
Now, how can i improve my account as well as my all gigs??


Have you been active? No. Once you get active again it’ll help you out.
Is your niche saturated? This means: Are there a lot of people selling the same thing you do? If so, target your gig, make it more focused. For example: Instead of just selling “Video Editing” change it to “Commercial Editing” or “Travel Vlog Editing”.


Hey Rasel,
Please edit your gig title, description and pricing.
You must add a video on your related field which also helpful to rank your gig again.