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Seeking for some help

My gig is getting impressions, clicks, and views but I am not getting any order. Can anyone suggest me how can I get orders?


Sure. Market and promote your gigs. Reach out to the target customers who need your services, and convince them to hire you. That’s how you obtain orders.

can you also suggest me what should i do to promote my gigs. I mean, the most effective ways.

No, I cannot, because the best marketing methods are different to every market. YOU are going to have to take the time to research your target customers, understand what they want, and determine how to reach out and market to those customers, so that they know of the services you offer that can solve their problems.

There are no easy roads to success. If you want to promote your gigs, you’re going to have to do a great deal of research for yourself.


Thousands of thanks for your advice

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