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Seeking for suggestions about buyer request


Here I attached two screenshots about BR. I sent two BR which was actually typing jobs like PDF to Excel and PDF to Word. Please check out my screenshots and let me know is this perfectly matched with a buyer requirements, if not then please explain a little bit and fix my problem.

Thank you!!

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Neither of them said their files were PDF. The first might have been, but the second could have been likely an image type of file (JPG, PNG, BMP). If either of the requests wasn’t PNG, then your offer would not fit their needs and your offer would be passed over.

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I am sorry to disturb you again but can you please check out these two screenshots? I think these two were perfectly matched with buyer requirements. I am actually frustrated to send BR and not to get a single reply. A humble request to you, please review these two screenshots.

Thank you and stay blessed!!

Thank you so very much. Everything is clear now and I understand what was my mistakes and why I didn’t get any single reply from a buyer.

First one, couldn’t tell you, because I don’t know what’s in the attachment.

Second one, I wouldn’t have bid on in the first place, as it sounds like they want a spammer.

Also, please see (DES) point 1

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I am really blessed because you replied all my queries and solved my problems. I appreciate it.