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Seeking gig-critique!

Hi there,

Please take a moment to check my gig and let me know what’s wrong with this one:

The problem is - buyers click on it, read it (?), initiate a chat, then ask my rates and flee! I don’t know what to do… any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,

Ash :slight_smile:

Hi Ash,

There’s just a couple parts of your wording that are throwing me off! For example:

"Only for those who got the potential and dream to win. (You’re special.)"
GOT should be HAVE, but the rest of the line is kind of clunky. No one says that they “dream to win.” Maybe instead you should say “For those who settle for nothing less than the best, and strive to push the boundaries of success.”

Thanks a million!

And sorry for the late reply! I’ve made the changes you mentioned. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough characters to put in the complete sentence. But no probs, I guess the second half covers much of it.

Um…you wrote “a couple.” Are there more? Maybe, let me know…!

Jolly good,

Ash :slight_smile: