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Seeking help from Level 2 Sellers

Hello Folks

Here are my stats for last 7 days:

Gig1: Impression 399 clicks 91 views 114 order 1
Gig 2: Impression 340 clicks 62 views 109 order 0

Kindly give me sincere suggestions to improve my stats. I have good impressions but less clicks and less orders. Even my gig 1 ( email list) rank on 1st page but no orders.
I appreciate if anyone give me suggestions.

Here is my profile link:



As a new seller without many reviews or good reviews, you will get fewer works. even though you have impressions, views, and clicks, fewer people choose you at the end because of your rank or lack of reviews.

Level One Seller, Last two month still not getting new client.

Don’t worry. In December , Every seller getting a few order.

I listened that if we have impressions but less clicks means our gig image is not attractive. Did you see my images. if yes, please share that what would be recommended? Change gig image or not because my gig is rank on 1st or 2nd page. If i change my image for increasing clicks, may be my ranking going down. Should i take the risk?

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Vacations everywhere…Hope for best 2020

I wonder how did you come up with such idea?!
I have just searched for a gig and saw this: image

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Oh man…this seller is booked for december and may be january also.

But wait, may be this seller is level 2 or trs while mine is new seller

Yes, you got the point. There are lots of reason behind low sales, such as:

  • Seller Level,
  • Service Category,
  • Marketing,
  • Reviews,
  • Late delivery,
  • Poor Rating,
  • Gig performance, and so on…

So, the only thing you should focus on is to keep improving yourself.

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Improve Myself, thats where I am seeking help. Kindly take a little time and guide me to improve my stats. Also, are my gigs images are ok or not?

Read this section, should be helpful:

Pin posts are enough to read?

Go through everything you find useful. This isn’t a video game so that someone can tell you to press some specific buttons to play. You have to figure out which threads are useful to you. Sorry if my example was bad, I’m not being rude, I’m just being realistic! Good luck.

Thanks mate. Realistic things are not not ideal. Plus I am ok with your example.

Kind Regards

I don’t like any of the thumbnails, too much text and crowded. I would use an eye-catching thumbnail

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It is only possible for 1st page seller that picked by Fiverr team.

Hi There,

Don’t worry about your views or clicks. There are lot of other freelancers applying at the same time. Buyer will have multiple choices. Think, why should they choose you over others. They will keep coming. Spend some money in getting a profile video. Explain your services in a simpler way. Your reviews, gig profile and ratings going to get you more orders. Communication is the first and foremost thing. All these qualities helps you become successful in this competitive environment.

I hope some of the above mentioned helps you.
All the best!

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Thank you very much for valuable comment.