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Seeking help on how to start off as a newbie in fiverr

Hello guys,

I’ve got a few reviews within 2 weeks so far, and im seeking for help on how exactly is the best way to bloom in fiverr. I know there is a buyer requests category, but once you couldn’t fish anything with the 10 offered lures, then you basically starve for another whole day, and it is kind of exhausting as they rarely appear and within seconds they are filled up with lots of offers. Another thing i tried is promoting my profile or gigs, but i couldn’t succeed with it so far. I’ve read a few topics for beginners that fiverr has personally offered, but hey this is where i am now, forum was my last idea.
I’m honestly looking forward for someone to share their own experiences on how they actually got to the point they are now.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey there! Ya, Buyers requests can be tiresome. They do fill up fast, but don’t let that deter you. Even if there’s 30 requests sent in, still send one in. The only thing that will hurt you is if you DON’T send one in. But just cuz you run out of buyers requests does not mean you have to starve for the day. The best thing you can do at that point is to go to the forum. Read as money posts as you can, like as many statuses as you can, comment in as many threads as you can. Stay active as much as you can. It really really helps your stats, which ultimately means more chances of you getting hired.

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This is a good idea but only if you implement the advice given in those posts.

This is called spam and I suspected that was what you were doing but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. In future I will flag the posts of yours which I believe are worthless spam. If it happens enough you will get suspended.

It will improve your FORUM STATS which have nothing to do with getting ranking or sales on Fiverr.
If spamming the forum actually helped with sales then you would have got hundreds of sales in the last 2 weeks considering the amount of comments you made.

In summary, I have posted over five thousand times on the forum and there has only ever been ONE SALE that has been from someone on the forum. The reason was NOT because I posted “thanks for your post” 1000 times, it was because I had given excellent advice about marketing and someone was prepared to pay me for more.


I’ve posted most days for years on the forum and have gotten only two or three sales from the forum in all that time.

I never posted even once in the forum until after I became a top rated seller. I noticed you posting meaningless posts in lots of threads every day and thought that you probably had the mistaken idea it somehow helped your sales but unfortunately, it doesn’t.


My apologies for the misconceptions! I’m glad you informed me. I am not trying to spam anyone. Thanks for your help!

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I come here to learn from the more experienced sellers. I come here to “hang out” with many people I enjoy being around. You are one of them @misscrystal

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