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Seeking help with possible cancellation (Resolved)

Hey, Fiverr. I’m at a loss for what to do, so let me ask your opinion.

I recently offered a buyer a custom request for a voice over service at the rate of $5 for 600 words. Even though the requirements stated a 600 word maximum, the script was 647 words. I decided since it wasn’t that much over the limit I would do it.

I sent the completed order and didn’t hear back for nearly 24 hours. The only message I got was ‘my client complain’. I reached out to the buyer to try and find a resolution, and after several hours was told a new, different script would be sent. Now, several hours later, the buyer has requested a revision with the message ‘here the script’, but there is no attachment, no notes on how to improve, no direction as to what I need to do, and the clock is ticking down before the order is late.

What are my options? What can I do? Contact customer support?

Thank you for your time.


Hey Josh,

It’s a tricky one - in this circumstance I would just cancel the order, but at this early stage of your Fiverr gigs, that would probably mess up your completion rate. Try reaching out to the buyer asking for the script and if they don’t respond go to customer support and explain the problem as you have here.

If the buyer hasn’t requested a revision by hitting the revision button, your other option is to simply ignore the message, and after 3 days the order will complete automatically. You run the risk of a bad review, but only if the buyer can be bothered.

Problem is always that when starting on Fiverr, everyone has to offer a lot for $5, to get the volume of orders to rise up the rankings. Once you get up to Level 1 and 2, you can start to increase prices and reduce wordcount, which will clear out the buyers who have no respect for the work you do and want to pay very low prices it.

Hope you find a way through!


In this kind of situation, I deliver the same work again with a polite message stating that unless specific revision instructions are forwarded to me, I will not be able to work any further on a project.

Of course, you are within your rights to also send a custom extra to cover the cost of reading a new script. In either case, delivering again often grabs unresponsive buyers attention. - Just remember to cover yourself by making it clear that no actual revision instructions have been given, in case the order gets forwarded to CS.


Cut your losses and cancel that order. At earlier stages bad reviews are much more difficult to recover then increasing your order completion rate in the long run.

The buyer has given signs that they will be hard to work with, so going through that and ultimately risking a bad review seems unnecessary, specially on a $5 order.

Once you build up your profile you’ll be able to stand your ground more firmly, but for now, as much as it sucks that you’ve wasted your time, it may be better to just let this one go.


Normally, I would say that personal distaste for a delivery in itself does not merit a cancellation or refund, but…

This is true. Your bestselling Gig has five 5 - star reviews. It may not be a good idea to compromise that 5.0 overall rating for $5, which leads me to a question I have…

Why are you selling 600 words of voice over work for only $5?! That’s ridiculously low. I think 5 consecutive 5 - star ratings is enough to warrant raising your price (even if only by $5), or lowering the amount of words you offer for $5 (the latter may be better for the time being).


Thanks for all the support, guys!

I reached out to the buyer and found a solution that works for both of us. Your good advice has given me the confidence to succeed. If that solution doesn’t work, I’ll reach out to have the order cancelled, since that will be easier to fix than a very negative review. Thanks so much!

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I took more words at a lower rate in hopes of getting enough orders for Available Now, thinking it would bring me more business… only to find out that Available Now is in Beta and I wasn’t picked for it. :frowning:

To answer the original OP’s question, I would cancel. The buyer sounds like trouble. Or follow the suggestion given by cyaxrex.

When I started out on here about 5 years ago, I charged $5 for $150 words. This seemed like a happy medium in terms of price and would reflect the minimum wage for the country I live in (UK), which is £7.83. $5 is roughly £3.72. I worked out that 150 words would take me 30 minutes at the most to complete, factoring in reading through the script, figuring out how best to interpret and where to place emphasis, etc. Then recording and post production.

$5 is roughly half the minimum wage - 150 words takes me half an hour. In short, you’re charging far too little for that amount of work.

You’d be surprised how many difficult clients will disappear as soon as you raise your rate to $10. :slight_smile:

Do you really think I could raise my price and get away with it? I normally charge $5 for 300. I got anxious from being new and the lack of exposure that I’d need to be low in order to gain business or that the quality wasn’t high enough. :X Maybe I ought to try and see what happens.

Yes, I think you could get away with it. Although it’s not that - it’s putting value on what you do.

Think of the increase as compensation for those stressful orders. :wink:

Reporting back in. Thanks for your help everyone!

With your advice I was able to be clear about what services I can and can’t provide. Using them to find a resolution, the buyer was satisfied and left 5 stars.

Thanks for helping me get the support and confidence to succeed. You rock, Fiverr community!