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Seeking help with the username


I am new at Fiverr and still learning about this freelancing platform. As I joined for the first time using the Google sign-in method, I was automatically assigned a username by the website.

This username which I did not get the chance to choose for myself is merely a random assortment of letters and numbers, that do not reflect my name or identity in any way. As I plan to build my brand as a reputable freelance seller, I would request some good advice as to what to do about the username that I am unable to change from the settings page. Thank you.

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The only way to change your username is to close your account and start again.

Search the forum for ‘change username’ and you will find numerous similar posts.


Thank you for a quick reply. Regarding closing the account, I have had the chance to read about it through posts in the forum as well as advice in the help section. Moreover, my friend faced a bad experience yesterday after having accidentally de-activated her account only to find she cannot join again using the same email address anymore.

I have already used my primary email address (Gmail) for the initial sign up and have verified my phone number yesterday, so if these were to only be used once, does that mean I would have no way to sign up again using the same credentials once I have my current account de-activated?

Have you read this one yet?


I had that Google sign-in issue too. Contact support, they can help you.


Thank you for your advice. Cheers!

@ [imagination7413]
Yes, I have gone through this information, and as of yesterday, I have been able to successfully change the email address to a secondary email account.

What is not clear however is whether I would need to also change the phone number as well as details from my profile page including my profile picture, if I would need to re-use these for my new account.

We on the forum are only buyers and sellers. If you want your questions answered by Fiverr, you will need to reach out to Customer Support, as @miiila suggested.

Please keep updates in the same thread. It’s against the rules of the forum to create duplicate threads. In this case, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given

That said:

  • I don’t know about phone, contact CS
  • I don’t know, but changing it is probably a good idea anyway.
  • Probably doesn’t matter, lots of people probably graduated in your class with the same degree
  • Same as above

Alright, thank you, I have contacted the support team.