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Seeking logo design


Hi, brand new here and not sure I’m even doing this right, so please excuse my ineptitude if this is incorrect.

I am looking for a logo design for a women’s support group. I am particularly looking for a female designer who has passion for women’s issues. Would prefer someone in the US just for future ease.

If you meet these requirements and would be interested, please let me know. Many thanks.


Please post your request on the main Fiverr site - go to buying and then post a request.

Your request might be turned down if you put in that you’re looking for a particular gender and/or country though.

Hope you find what you’re looking for! :sunny:


Thanks, will do that. I will leave out those requirements but my group is pretty strong on using other women.


That’s great! You may well not be able to tell what gender of user you’re dealing with anyway unless the user has a genuine picture of themself as their avatar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, I can’t seem to find “buying”. Where to I get to it? Thanks.


In your main Fiverr dashboard on a desktop PC, the ‘buying’ menu should be at the top right hand side.


I see a drop down menu with FAQs and Categories. They only I see for buyers is
Buying Tips. Is that it? Sorry to seem clueless but I’m trying.


Here you go
Click the menu at the top right corner and you would see this


There you would see Buying (post a request)


Ah, I was on the wrong page (duh) sorry. Thanks for your help!


You are welcome. Noting pays more than helping.