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Seeking New Sellers in Need of Orders


*** Not ordering gigs for a while. Will bump this thread again when I can. ***

I thought I’d take a minute to pay it forward. I know Fiverr’s model can make new sellers feel like the system is stacked against them. Especially where levels and visibility are concerned. So I decided to do what someone did for me when I first joined and give a new seller a chance.

This isn’t for trade and it isn’t charity. I just think it’s important for a quality service to be recognized even if the seller is just starting out. If you fit my criteria, post your gig here!


  • New sellers who haven't had a sale on any gigs OR new sellers trying to reach Level 1.

  • No sellers offering gigs that match mine (Photoshop gigs).

Posts by sellers ignoring this criteria will be flagged for removal.

That's it! If it's fun, creative, and unique, post it! I don't want to limit it more than that in case there are others out there who also want to help get you started. This will be ongoing, so I'll bump the discussion whenever I'm ready to order more. Happy selling!

This section is for clarity.

Step 1:You post a link to your gigs. Please only post your gigs in this discussion once.
Step 2: I'll look at every gig posted as they come in (time permitting) and hopefully others will too.
Step 3: If I'm interested in ordering a gig, I'll contact you first.

I want to see professional, quality work rise to the top on Fiverr, so that's what I'll be looking for as a buyer. If I order from you, treat me like you'd treat any other customer.

I understand the issues that sellers deal with even though I'm not a top seller myself, so I'll respect your time and your work. I also promise to leave an honest review. You just have to do your part by putting your best foot forward as a seller.

If I don't contact you, don't take it personally. Someone else might!


Hey all, I am a buyer of gigs here and have had so much fun I decided to be a seller too:)

My first gig needs a bit of work on the video but I intend on learning and growing so I put it out there.

I have several more going up over the next few days and can’t wait to meet the awesome community here :slight_smile:


Reply to @pfpgogo: I commend you for your heartwarming course of action to help new sellers! Taking the time to share your insight is a wonderful gesture as well. Kudos to you! :slight_smile:


Reply to @osman_shahbaz & @vanderhyden: You’ve already reached Level 1 so I can’t consider you for my orders, but good luck!


Thanks for posting, everyone!


hello… o.o I hope I am understanding this right

should I post a link to my gig like this?



Hey Gabriela! Love the quality of the illustration gig. I think you have a sale! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to get more responses. I’m surprised I haven’t considering how many new sellers I see in the forums begging for help getting their first sale or hitting their level target. I’ll give it time, though, since I only just posted this.


Hi pfpgogo!!

This is really awesome what you are offering. It has been 2 weeks on fiverr & I got only one order so far. So badly trying to hit level 1.

You can check out my gigs on below links. Thank you!



Reply to @pfpgogo:

Hei Pfpgogo

Yep sorry I meant to put the illustration gig on, since I’ve just started with logos and I have more than 4 years experience with drawing.

I’m glad to hear you like it :D, I just created it so if you have any advice in mind and time to share them, you’re more than welcomed


Reply to @gabriela3: Will do!

Reply to @shane_alex: Thanks for posting!


hi there I am also interested


Thanks for this opportunity.


Thanks a lot i have sure you also like my gigs please check many thanks


Osman shahbaz



I’m a student trying to make ends meet by providing a translation service, from English to French and vice versa .

I’m very new to this and still trying to figure out how all of it works.

Here is the link to my gig :

Thank you for considering me :smiley:


One sale away from reaching Level 1 Seller here with 100% Positive Rating. Please let me know if you can do this and contact me, thanks:)

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Thanks everyone for posting! Just to let you know, I’m not in need of business/traffic/web design/SEO related gigs at the moment, but I didn’t want to limit this discussion by that in case other people out there need it.


Wow, this is great. Thank you for the opportunity.

I am also very open to custom orders :slight_smile: I’m a new seller who hasn’t gotten any sales yet and my gigs don’t match yours :wink:

Any tips on improving my gigs would also be appreciated. I want to upload improved samples as well.


grate.thank you for opportunity

here is my gig.still no orders :frowning:


Hi @pfpgogo

nice offer, i have 3 sales right now, joined: 17th, March

my gigs

positive critiques are also welcome


Thank you for the opportunity…

Here is my gig…